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“Your Name Here” — a sponsorship opportunity in cycling for $800.

My name is Gary Graves. This will be my fifth time participating in the 7-day, 545-miles ride on a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles called the Aids Lifecycle. I am offering a unique opportunity to get your company name, logo, website and colors in view of 10,000+ people. I am offering this sponsorship opportunity because I want to raise another $4,500 for the Aids Lifecycle. For your sponsorship of $800, $750 is donated to the Aids Lifecycle and $50 pays for the printing of the jersey. I am personally donating the design of the jersey.

How does sponsoring a jersey create goodwill? or grow a business?
Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two entities. While the entity being sponsored usually directly benefits from goods, services or funding, the funding business can benefit in myriad ways. The return on investment won’t always translate directly into immediate dollars. It is always wise to track increases in sales, but other benefits such as brand awareness, customer loyalty, lead generation and goodwill, all need to be considered too. Sponsorship can generate substantial publicity and word-of-mouth for a relatively small investment.

What do you get for your $800 sponsorship?
Your company brand on a cycling jersey!
Your company name in two primary spots (front and back of the jersey);
Your company logo in three spots (right arm sleeve and the front and back of the jersey);
We will use your company colors as part of the primary design, including the Neck, Arms and on the front and back of the jersey;
Plus, we will create a trackable QR Code and also put your website link on the left arm.

Who will see it?
I train two to three days a week. Each week, I ride 50 to 100 miles, which means everyone walking, driving or standing on sidewalk could see it.

Additionally, I will post pictures of myself wearing the jersey from now until the ride on all social media sites and include a link to your website with your own hashtag (#).

Then, on the 545-mile ride from May 31 to June 6, I will wear your jersey on one of the seven days. That means, potentially in addition to the cities we ride through that will see your name, also the 1,500+ Aids Lifecycle volunteers and 2,500 other riders may see your name and logo.

Finally, when it is your ride day, I will post a series of unique posts thanking you for your sponsorship and work hard to raise your social goodwill. Throughout the day, I will post unique pictures of the ride and your jersey somewhere in CA along the ride. I encourage you to use your day through your own social media channels to enhance the online media coverage.

This special sponsorship opportunity is limited to six jerseys.

Why the Aids Lifecycle?
The AIDS/LifeCycle is a 7-day, 545-miles ride on a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles and raises more money in the fight against AIDS than any other annual event. The funds provide life-saving and education programs and services at two of the nation’s largest HIV/AIDS organizations. I’m riding because too many of friends and family have died, to support over 100,000 people in California living with HIV/AIDS, and the countless number of people to be infected if we don’t educate them. Riding a bike won’t provide them with services. Your sponsorship and donations WILL. Let’s work together to make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.

To meet in person or to sign up for sponsorship, please contact me.